New! Above-Ground Grease Separator!


ENEKA is Introducing a NEW Grease Separator Greasly-A for Free-standing Installation Inside Buildings!

The development was initiated by requests of our clients to create compact, efficient and user friendly grease separator for indoor use which would efficiently remove grease from wastewater. After two years of research and testing we are finally introducing the separator which has all of these qualities. 

Greasly-A was created by ENEKA’s specialists to meet the needs of cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, canteens or any other industrial kitchens there a large amount of grease and fat are used. Advanced design of the separator’s body ensures a good resistance against internal water pressure and high temperature. Installed sludge trap ensures efficient grease separation from wastewater. Inclined bottom of the separator ensures complete emptying of the tank, because accumulated solids can be disposed from the lowest point of separator.

Maintenance of the separator does not require to open lids, so it helps to avoid bad smells. Accumulated solids are removed through extraction pipe or pumped by means of special disposal pump.

Greasly-A is a good choice for installation inside buildings with limited space and narrow access. The separator easily fits through any standard door as it‘s width is only 700 mm. Separator’s flow direction can be installed from the right or the left side, so it can be set up next to the wall, in the basement or any other place.
Depending on needs, Greasly-A can be upgraded with extra accessories: control panel, water filling unit, disposal pump, grease alarm, mixer, extraction pipe, inspection window.
Currently, there are two nominal sizes of above ground grease separator available for a flow rate of 2 and 4 l/s.
Greasly-A is meeting the provisions of EN-1825-1, DIN4040-100 standards, and it is signified by the CE mark.

Greasly-A will be available from 1st August 2018.

For more information, please contact our sales team.

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