Oil/water separators SEPKO

There are many human activities where oil products are used. It is almost impossible in practice to avoid oil spills into the wastewater. To save the nature the use modern and effective oil separation technology is necessary.UAB Eneka has a long term experience in manufacturing of oil/water separators. A very first our oil/water separator was installed in 1996. This plant is still operating properly! Our customers have already evaluated the efficiency and reliability of our oil/water separators. We are glad to have a big amount of permanent customers (oil and construction companies) who are installing our plants during many years.

SEPKO is a Class I coalescing separator according European standard EN 858-1. After treatment with our separator the residual oil content in water lower than 5 mg/l is achieved.

Applications of SEPKO oil/water separators:
- rainwater run-off form gasoline stations, parking areas, road terrains etc.
- process waste water from car washes, industrial applications etc.

SEPKO has no moving parts, requires little service, and is designed to treat the effluent water in the most effective way. Furthermore, our separator is equipped with highly efficient coalescing technology which has established as the most efficient gravitational oil separation material on the market. The coalescing media has also a high degree of resistance to plugging cause by dirty, sludge, and biological growth.


Oil_water separators SEPKO  Oil_water separators SEPKO

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